A Short Note on the Title of this Blog

Not the URL. The URL is obvious. If you don’t understand it, it’s because I’m saying ‘Hello’ to Germany for the year.

The other title. The ‘And Then There Was One’ title. Superficially, that’s pretty obvious as well. But I’m pretty proud of myself for coming up with that title before I arrived here. It’s like I knew what was going to happen or something.

Let me give you a short story of my life. 1993, Katherine Brown is born in a hospital in New York City and presumably (although I don’t remember this part) immediately handed to one or the other of her parents. She had approximately one minute of only-childhood. One minute that she doesn’t remember. From the second minute of my life up until I came here, I was one of two. One of a pair. Sort of like Salt and Pepper. They can be independent of each other, but they are forever going to belong together because…well, just because.

And then, suddenly, there was one. Alone, in Germany. I guess you could say one of the most important reasons for this year is exactly that. To learn what it’s like to be one instead of two. To go to school and for people to still not know I have a twin. To have an identity that is in no way associated with hers.

It’s working, this whole ‘And Then There Was One’ concept. Instead of thinking to myself “I don’t know, I think I’ll ask Sophia”, I have to think to myself “I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to make up my mind”. Instead of asking for company (aka support) to start up an awkward or uncomfortable conversation or a new situation, I have to just go for it myself.

It’s a good feeling. Good for my self confidence. Salt and Pepper CAN stand alone. They don’t necessarily prefer it, but in some cases it’s good (I personally don’t put pepper in my pasta water).

So here’s to Sophia. And here’s to me. And here’s to both of us, together. First there were two, and then…There Was One.


4 thoughts on “A Short Note on the Title of this Blog

  1. Katherine
    I really enjoy your blog. I think you could be a famous author. I was telling your grandfather before I ever read your blog that I thought it was a great idea for you to go to germany and be separate and different from Sophia. I also think you are very brave to go so far alone for a year. Merry Christmas and please keep blogging. Sharon Hafertepen


  2. Here’s to you both, Katherine. You’ve got two parents who are very proud of you both for all the things you’re doing now (apart) and for what you’ve done together. It’s a great thing to have a twin and a great thing to figure out your own identity as just Katherine and just Sophia. Love, Dad


  3. I think it is cool that you came in together but I have always known you were you and that Sophia was Sophia. It is good you are figuring out exactly what that means. I think this has been good for Sophia too, actually. You are a big strong girl. 🙂


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